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Are you on the lookout for a mirror without a frame? We have several different ones to choose from. Mirrors without frames are both attractive and popular – choose the one which suits you and your decorating style best.

Regardless of whether you want a round, square or rectangular frameless mirror, we have it in our range. Think carefully about the one you choose, so that it complements the room in the best possible way.

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    KAILA KAILA Mirror Square Rose Gold 40x40 cm

    KAILA Mirror Square Rose Gold 40x40 cm

    3 in stock online
    Manufacturer: KAILA
    This product will be discontinued when sold out
    Open 51044166 in admin

    Square mirror with rounded corners and rose gold tinted mirror glass

    29.90 € 52.90 €
    KAILA Mirror Golden Yellow 80 cm Ø

    Mirror Golden Yellow 80 cm Ø

    2 in stock online
    Manufacturer: KAILA
    This product will be discontinued when sold out
    Open 51054874 in admin

    39.90 € 109.00 €
    KAILA KAILA Round Mirror Gold Deluxe 50 cm Ø

    KAILA Round Mirror Gold Deluxe 50 cm Ø

    28 in stock online
    Manufacturer: KAILA
    This product will be discontinued when sold out
    Open 51054999 in admin

    32.90 € 39.90 €
    KAILA KAILA Mirror Square 40x40 cm

    KAILA Mirror Square 40x40 cm

    Square mirror with rounded corners Swedish design by KAILA

    39.90 € 47.90 €
    Showing 1 - 100 of 143 products

    Frameless mirrors

    We love to decorate our homes with many "good to have" items and a mirror is definitely one of those. Today it is hard to imagine a home without a mirror. It is just one of those interior design items that we all use daily. There is an enormous variety of mirror designs to suit all tastes and trends in contemporary decor. In other words, there is a mirror out there for each and every style!

    Although there are many different types of mirrors, they serve one and the same purpose, regardless of how they are designed. However, sometimes we need a larger mirror and sometimes a smaller size. Fortunately, there are everything from small mirrors to huge versions. And this applies to both mirrors with a frame and to frameless mirrors!

    Different styles – different mirrors

    Since we all have different styles and preferences, it's great that there is a lot to choose from when it comes to mirrors. With the right mirror, the room immediately looks better and it is always great with decorations that satisfy more than one purpose. Mirrors both look great and boost the aesthetics of a room, and you can obviously use them to check out how you look or whatever it may be.

    Sometimes we get tired of a particular decorative item in our homes. That's when it's great if we have the opportunity to replace the insignificant and inexpensive items in the home. Frameless mirrors and other types of mirrors belong to this category of home decor.

    Most people have more than one mirror at home and when it comes to frameless mirrors they are usually mounted straight on the walls. However, there are also frameless floor mirrors, or they may have a very thin and barely noticeable frame, meaning we would include them in this category.

    There are heaps of frameless mirrors!

    There are definitely a lot to choose from when it comes to frameless mirrors. You can choose between different sizes and shapes, so whether you are looking for a round version, a triangle-shaped or something else, you can count on finding it in our store!

    Some pieces we need to buy for our homes are easier to find than others. When it comes to mirrors, it is quite easy to find the one you want while slightly larger items, such as sofas, are trickier. The great thing with mirrors is that they can be found in many different shops and they are often very affordable!

    Here in our store, you'll find several different variants, so just choose one from our assortment! We promise you that you will be happy and satisfied with a mirror from our shop. They are stylish, affordable and good quality, so you don't really have to compromise!

    Simplistic and stylish

    An interesting thing with frameless mirrors is that you don't think of them as mirrors in the same way as mirrors with frames. Mirrors with frames feel more like decorative items while frameless mirrors become integrated to the room in a different sense and thus create a distinct atmosphere in the room in which they are placed.

    With this type of mirror, you do not have to consider the surrounding style in the room where it is to be placed. You just buy it and mount it on the wall! If you find it hard to imagine what a frameless mirror will look in a home setting, just check it out online.

    It is always good to be able to see a mirror in a room setting instead of just seeing the mirror on its own. Seeing it in a room makes it easier to visualise if it will work in the room where you want to place it. Have a look at what's on offer and then check out how the mirror you're interested in will look in a room similar to yours. That's the best way to get a good understanding of how it will look in your home.

    The frame determines the style

    When it comes to frameless mirrors it's not really a problem to find one that will suit your home. It is often the frame itself that determines the style, so without a frame it will be easier to make it work with the rest of the room. This means that one particular mirror is suitable for many different homes and that is a always positive!

    Having said that, it is also true that frameless mirrors do work better in rooms with a specific style, but then that's usually due the particular shape of the mirror. In some rooms it may look better with a round mirror, while an angular version works better in another room.

    If you want, you can actually have frameless mirrors anywhere and everywhere in the home. This probably means you'll go for a round mirror in the bedroom for a slightly softer appearance and a more angular and larger one in the hallway, and so on. The best is that you have so much to choose from and you should of course take advantage of the large selection!

    Both lovely and practical

    A stylish mirror will be both practical and great looking once you find the right mirror for the right place. If you find one that you like but don't really know where to place, it may still be a good idea to buy it anyway. You can always rearrange the furniture at home to make place for this new mirror that you like so much!

    Take the opportunity and buy one of our frameless mirrors. You can mount it on the wall in a flash and then it's there to enjoy! A mirror can really lift a room, so what are you waiting for?