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Below you will find our range of mounting accessories. We have tape of the highest quality, spray glue, staple guns and more – everything so that you can find the accessories for mounting that you need.

Take a look below to see our range and choose the products that will help and make things simpler for you.

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    Egen tillverkning - Passepartouter Acid-free backing - Custom Size

    Acid-free backing - Custom Size

    Manufacturer: Egen tillverkning - Passepartouter
    Open 51008695 in admin

    Perfect for when you need to replace a piece of backing

    From 13.90 €
    Maximum: 100x150 cm
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    Mounting accessories

    We sell lots of smart products that makes framing easier. High-quality mounting accessories are essential as it means you both protect your pictures and work with practical solutions. We all want the mounting to be easy and quick but also that the accessories are of very good quality. Well, that's exactly what we offer - we only sell the best of the best when it comes to picture mounting.

    Mounting boards from Perfect Mount

    Among our best products you'll find mounting boards from Perfect Mount. These boards make it easy for anyone to mount pictures and photos in a simple way. You do not need to be a professional or overly patient - the mounting job is both quick and easy.

    You can move the image around as you like, as these boards are pressure sensitive. You can move around your images until they are exactly in the position where you want them. If you discover any bubbles, simply wipe across the image with a soft cloth.

    Mounting tape

    When it comes to self-adhesive tape suitable for mounting of photos and other lightweight motifs, we have a number of different variants - just to make sure there is an option that suits your needs.

    It looks neat and it's easy to hang pictures this way as there is no visible mounting at the back of the image. The poster, the photo or whatever it may be hangs on the wall without any frame or hanger. This is suitable for many different motifs where you do not want a picture frame to obstruct the impression of the picture.

    We have sturdy and strong tape that will hold your picture in place. If this is the kind of mounting you are looking for then our tape is the best option!

    Luxury frame sealing tape

    Of course, we also have tape of genuine museum quality for sealing of the back of your picture frames. This is good for all the images and pictures that are particularly important to you as the tape prevents dust, dirt and moisture from penetrating through.

    When you find your favourite motif, you naturally want to take care of it in the best way and with our frame sealing tape, that is exactly what you can do. Choose the motifs that you really like and seal the frames with our tape. That way, you don't have to worry about your motives being damaged. Instead, they are completely safe.

    Fix it with glue or stables

    Use our staple guns to easily staple canvas and more. Perhaps you have an old canvas painting where the staples have come loose over the years? Then you can easily fix it with new staples.

    A staple gun can be used for many purposes and since we also sell the staples, you have everything you need to mount canvases.

    We also sell really high quality glues, if you want to mount photos and other pictures with glue instead of staples. We have good quality spray glue perfect for collages or similar. The glue is strong and reliable, so using this glue is really a safe solution.